The lease-to-own option enables your business to enjoy the benefit of low monthly payments and potential tax advantages while working towards long term ownership. Typically, lease-to-own options range from 24-60 months in length and culminate with a nominal end-of-term option.

Operating Lease

An operating lease allows your business to keep equipment purchases off your balance sheet. At the end of the term, you can continue on a month-to-month basis, refinance, return or purchase the equipment.

Sale Lease-Back/Refinancing

If your business owns a piece of equipment, we can unlock its value and provide you with financing that meets your needs.

Custom Leasing/Financing

At LFS, our personal and flexible approach enables your business to utilize a diverse array of financing methods which include:

·      Variable Payment Structures

·      Step Lease – Smaller initial payments followed by larger subsequent ones which will accelerate the full repayment or meet budget constraints

·      Skip Payments – Initial payment deferral period or seasonal payments to match your business

Conditional Sales Contracts/Loans

If a loan product better suits your needs, we can assist. Please contact us.

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